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J Simonelli in his beeyard 20151011.JPG M Simonelli holding a topbar frame 20151011.JPG

Our encounters with honeybees ( Any of several social bees of the genus Apis that produce honey, especially Apis mellifera, widely domesticated as a source of honey and beeswax. ) have been just delightful.

Watching them up close and personal as they come and go, work and toil, scout and forage, signal and dance, waggle and fan, has been more exciting than we could have imagined.

In our discovery of these ancient "beeings" we have taken some photos of events we just simply would not have imagined could happen. We do imagine such encounters of the closest kind have happened to you too.

Therefore, we have created this photo gallery page for examples of Bee Encounters of the Closest Kind for all of us to share those delightful and even that occasional painful encounter we have as BeeKeepers!

So, go ahead and add a picture, comment or event that you have experienced to this page.

Bee the best bee-buddy you can bee! Our two hives are tar-paper wrapped and protected from this Winter's bitter cold and howling winds. So far so good this Winter of 2013-2014 with the few warmer days allowing the bees to clean-house and take purging flights.

We are in our third year now and still going strong. We caught a swarm from our original nuc-based hive during its second summer and now have second hive.

The Very First Little Lady Visitor:

A visiting Little Lady getting some minerals and salt from my skin:

A visiting Little Lady paying a short visit to my arm to get her bearings:

The back end of a Little Lady with what looks like pollen saddle bags:

A very pollen-dusty-headed bee:

Bee Inspector Dustin Thompson with our original bee hive on September 5, 2013:

Fall removal of drone pupa:

See the swarm on a low hanging branch on an Austrian Pine Tree also in our yard:

.....and here are those photographs listed above:

Pollen Bee
Saddle Bag Bee
Bee on Hand
Pollen-Dust-Head Bee
Bee Lick
Bee Fanning
Bee Inspector Dustin Thompson
Drone Pupa Removal
Our Own Bee Swarm We Caught
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