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MCBA maintains a beeyard at <location goes here> as an aid to teaching and education of the community and of our members. As described in our bylaws, the Beeyard Steward is responsible for <paste here>.

The specific responsibilities of the Beeyard Steward are:

  • Evaluating overall colony health
  • Feeding as needed
  • Cleaning and repairing equipment
  • Swarm control
  • Checking for and identifying diseases. AFB, EFB, IBDS, DWV, chalkbrood, sacbrood, etc.
  • Checking for parasites. Varroa, small hive beetles, tracheal mites, wax moths, etc.
  • Treating for the above (within parameters established by the MCBA Board)
  • Making splits
  • Keeping records via the computer program Hive Tracks
  • Reporting to the Board the status of the Bee Yard

The "ideal" Bee yard Steward(s) will

  • Be a member in good standing of the MCBA
  • Regularly attend MCBA monthly meetings
  • Follow all Apiary Laws, both State and Local
  • Have been keeping bees for a minimum of five years
  • Will have attended at least one Beginners Short Course
  • Will be able to perform and demonstrate various methods of monitoring for varroa such as alcohol wash, sugar shake, natural mite drop, etc.
  • Will understand and can explain Basic Seasonal Hive Management
  • Will understand raising Queens. The individuals don't have to raise them but should understand the biology
  • Attends the various conferences within a two+ hour drive from Medina. Such as the Tri-County meeting in Wooster, the OSBA conference in Plain City, the PSBA Western PA conference in Mars PA. The Honey Bee Expo in Parkersburg WV, etc. This is to demonstrate a willingness and ability to learn from a variety of people and disciplines.
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