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President's Corner

February has come in cold and windy and that darn PA rodent predicted 6 more weeks of winter! Huncer down... check the hives for food stores when the weather permits and feed if necessary. With December being as warm as it was, your bees could run out of food stores.

February Meeting is hosting Ray Olivarez from California. Where your package bees come from will be his topic. There will be lots to learn from him on how your bees get from California to Ohio. Queen Right Colonies will be on-site for ordering of your spring bees. Package Bees need to be paid for at time of ordering. Please come prepared to pay for your order.

Raffle Tickets are still being sold for the Log Hive donated by Queen Right Colonies. Tickets are $10.00 each and the winner does not need to be present. Please contact our treasurer, Paul Kosmos, for your tickets. The raffle will be held at the February meeting when Ray Olivarez is speaking. "Thank You" Shelia and Denzil St. Clair of Queen Right Colonies for your generous donation! James Simonelli won the hive!!!! Congrats!

Western Pennsylvania will be holding their meeting in Mars, Pa. on Valentine's Day weekend (Feb 13-14)again this year...this is a short drive and they have a great line up of speakers. Main Speakers are Jerry Hayes and Dr. Diana Sammataro. Many vendors will be there and sweetheart deals will be made. It would be a good time to order and assemble frames and wooden ware while the winter winds continue to blow...

Tri-County is just around the corner being held the first weekend of March. Sign up early for that event as they have a cut-off number. I always find lots of great deals with free shipping and the speakers are always worth the drive. I think I might even stay the night before and attend the tour this year...

I attended the ABF and AHPA Conferences in January in sunny California! Nutrition, Varroa and lack of bee forage were discussed at length... seems like the same problems - answers are out there? There were great vendor areas with new products being demonstrated. I will let you know as the new products come out on the market. I will be checking on the new refractometer to demo at the club meeting before the fair. A total solution for Honey analyzing! This unit will show you 4 results : 1. Honey's Fructose % 2. Honey's moisture 3. Honey's sweetness (Brix%) 4. Angle Rotation of the whole sample -a little more information than on the last unit we looked at.

The first of the series of Beginner Beekeeping Classes start on Saturday, Feb. 14th for 3 Saturdays, and the Monday Night Classes will begin on February 23rd for 5 Mondays. This year our club member, Mrs. Anne Kodish, has generously donated a complete Beginner's Kit (8 frame) from Brushy Mountain Bee Supply. Thank you Anne! There will be a raffle for this complete hive kit open only to the new beginner class attendees. Those are great odds for winning... Good Luck Beginner Beekeepers! Tickets are available from Paul Kosmos.

Anyone with announcements, please email them to Tracy to be put in the newsletters.

I hope your bees are tucked in with lots of food in the right places, their hive is out of the wind and your new equipment assembled.

Spring can't be too far away!

See you at the meeting...

Peggy Garnes,

Committee Announcements

Executive Board Meeting - February 25, 2015 6pm at Root Lunch Room


2015 Beginner's Class

For information regarding the 2015 Beginner's Class and how to register please go to Calendar or for a syllabus go to Information

Honey Harvest Results

As requested, the 2014 Annual Honey Harvest Analysis results have been posted to the harvest logs page.

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James & Mary - Proud Winners of a New Hive

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President: Peggy Garnes 6045 Lance Rd Medina, OH 44256
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Vice President: Kim Flottum 7011 Spieth Rd Medina OH, 44256
330-722-2021 [email protected]

Secretary: Molly White 1737 Halls Carriage Path Westlake, OH 44145
440-899-8624 [email protected]

Treasurer: Paul Kosmos 6386 State Road Sharon Township OH, 44281
330-239-1379 [email protected]

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