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President's Corner

MARCH is coming in like a LION so the weather should be getting better? Layers of ice and snow are making hive inspections difficult at best. Some yards cannot get accessed due to drifts! Let's hope the bees have enough food to hold out till we can get to them.

FEED YOUR BEES IF THEY ARE LOW ON STORES! Many members are experiencing die-offs from starvation.... please check your hives today! I will be visiting the club bee yard and adding candy bricks to hold the hives over.

The speaker for this month is Dr. Reed Johnson and he will be speaking on Toxins in our Lives.... Please attend and see how pesticides are affecting your bees and your life!

The Beginner Classes are moving right along! The Saturday classes are finished and we are into the Monday evening classes! Welcome to all the new beekeepers! Please continue to watch the webpage for all updates going on in the club. March 14th will be a new class we came up with for this year... The Next Class! This class is for the continuing beekeepers between years 2 to 5! Sign up today and learn about making honey, ridding/controling varroa in your hives, making bees and how to overwinter!

The Log Hive donated by Queen Right Colonies was raffled at the February meeting. "Thank You" Shelia and Denzil St. Clair of Queen Right Colonies for your generous donation! Club member James Simonelli won the hive!!!! Congrats!

Tri-County is just around the corner being held the first weekend of March. Sign up early for that event as they have a cut-off number. I always find lots of great deals with free shipping and the speakers are always worth the drive. I think I might even stay the night before and attend the tour this year...

Anyone with announcements, please email them to Tracy to be put in the newsletters.

Divelbiss Award 2015 Nominations Open At each annual conference, the Eastern Apicultural Society presents the Charles and Evelyn Divelbiss Education Award. This award is presented to that person or couple who has—over a period of years—reached out to the non-beekeeping public to explain the value of honey bees in our lives. The nominee does not need to be from your own state or province. You may wish to announce this request for nominations at beekeeping meetings and in their newsletters. Feel free to contact officers of state and local organizations to request their suggestions for possible candidates and letters of support. The nomination process is easy. Write a letter outlining how the candidate has reached the general public over the years. Groups, such as 4-H clubs, Scouting organizations, school groups, community organizations, Lions Clubs, and garden clubs, as well as media interviews and exhibits at county and state fairs, qualify as non-beekeeping public. Although the main criteria is edification of the general public, the letter may also include activities that teach Short Courses and other instructional work toward educating beekeepers and prospective beekeepers. The nominee does not need to be a member of EAS (but the Society would be delighted if the recipient would join). The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2015. Nominations and letters of support should be emailed to [email protected]

I hope your bees are tucked in with lots of food in the right places, their hive is out of the wind and your new equipment assembled.

Spring can't be too far away!

See you at the meeting...

Peggy Garnes,

Committee Announcements

Executive Board Meeting - February 25, 2015 6pm at Root Lunch Room


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Welcome to the Medina County Beekeepers Association's website. We hope you enjoy your time here and can find what you want about bees and beekeeping.
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Mentor list

MCBA has a strong mentoring tradition. In the past, we let everyone know who was willing to serve as a mentor only via our club roster. In order to help new beekeepers find us, we are experimenting with an online mentor list. If you are interested in serving as a member, just add yourself to the list.

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Picture of the month

Katie with her newly won hive! (Beginners Class)

Topics of Interest

  • MCBA - the Club - Club contacts, officers, become a member, talk about meetings, upcoming events and other things specific to the club
  • Bee diseases & parasites - for discussion of varroa, tracheal mites, Foulbrood and all the other things that can kill your bees.
  • Classifieds - Buy, sell, trade or talk about beekeeping equipment - what works, what doesn't and why.
  • Getting started with bees - questions for and by new beekeepers. Where should I put my hives? What do I really need? How hard is it?
  • Urban beekeeping - articles and experiences with beekeeping near people
  • Blessings of the Bees - some prayers, poems and other evidence of the spiritual connection between bees and mankind.
  • Bee Still Encounters - Bee Encounters of the Closest Kind by Medina Beekeepers
  • Resources and links - hundreds more links of questionable value
  • Photo albums - Look here for photos of Medina Beekeepers
  • Bait Hives Why not try to attract a swarm in your good, clean, unused equipment?
  • Growing Degree Days Want to know what's in bloom or about to? Looking to make varietal honey? One way to tell is by Growing Degree Days.

MCBA Contacts

President: Peggy Garnes 6045 Lance Rd Medina, OH 44256
330-723-6265 [email protected]

Vice President: Kim Flottum 7011 Spieth Rd Medina OH, 44256
330-722-2021 [email protected]

Secretary: Molly White 1737 Halls Carriage Path Westlake, OH 44145
440-899-8624 [email protected]

Treasurer: Paul Kosmos 6386 State Road Sharon Township OH, 44281
330-239-1379 [email protected]

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24 March 2015

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