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The best thing you can do to help us build the project is to use it. Create an account (or log in at the top right of page if you've already made one), then browse through the existing pages, make changes, ask questions and generally have fun. It's a wiki so it's pretty close to impossible to break. And even if you do accidentally blank out some content, it's really easy to restore so please be bold and just try stuff.

First time users

First-time users might want to check out this page. It includes a more detailed walk-through of the process to create and verify an account and some tips for creating and editing pages.

Some pages we need help with

  • Create a beeyard report as a sub-page of your user page.
  • Help organize some of the "topic" pages so it's easier to ask questions (and to find the answers)
  • Ask beginner questions so we gradually build up an archive of good answers
  • Start a "Tips & Tricks" section
  • Build out a section for classified ads
  • Build out better pages for each of the local suppliers in our area
  • Take the pesticide toxicity page to the hardware store and see what other chemicals we should add to the list
  • Update the Calendar
  • Upload some pictures, either as future candidates for picture of the month or to illustrate other pages
  • Expand this list with other things you'd like to see changed

It's a collaborative website so it will be as good as we choose to make it. Thanks again for all your help.

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