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2014 July 21 - MCBA Monthly Meeting

MCBA-sponsored event

Monday, 6:30 - 9:00 pm

Preparation for the Fair
We will be doing a thorough clean-up of the booth, organize the sales and display areas, hang up posters and beekeeping information, etc. Please bring cleaning products to the meeting - brooms, pails, paper towels, rags, etc.

Beginner Class
For the newcomers to the club, we will have you set up in a separate section to learn the fair booth procedures for selling, explaining the observation hive, and candle rolling instructions.

Pizza and soda will be served.

Location: Building 5 in the Medina County Fairgrounds (710 West Smith Rd in Medina - the entrance is across from the corner of W. Smith Road and S. State Road)

2014 July 19 - Library Day

joint event
joint event
Saturday, July 19, 2014, 10-3

Details tbd

Location: Medina Library

2014 date tbd - Deadline for entries to the Fair

non-MCBA event

tbd, 4:00 pm

If you are entering honey, remember to sign up for all the honey categories, white, light amber, or dark amber, as you may not know what color your honey will be if you have not already extracted and bottled it. You may view all the entries, rules and enter on-line this year at

Location: Medina County Fairgrounds Main Office

2014 July 27 - Fair set-up

MCBA-sponsored event

Sunday, 2:00 - 5:00 pm

Set up your entries for the Medina County Fair and bring your honey and hive products for sale. All entries must be in on-time and in compliance with the Fair's rules. Please have all your honey and hive products in by 5 so we can get them properly tagged and inventoried. The building closes at 6:00 pm.

Location: Building 5 in the Medina County Fairgrounds

Please note: The drop off hours for entering your honey/wax/baked goods into the Fair is noon – 4:00 pm at the Fairgrounds Main Office

2014 July 28-August 3 - Medina County Fair

joint event
joint event
Monday - Sunday, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Buy and sell honey, candles and other bee products. Watch the bees in the Observation Hive. Roll a candle. Learn about bees and beekeepers, their lives and equipment. Sample all the great honeys produced in our area. Taste the difference.

Then go to see the rest of the Fair.

Location: Building 5 in the Medina County Fairgrounds

2014 August 3- Fair tear-down

MCBA-sponsored event

Sunday, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Tear-down and clean-up from the Fair. Pick up your entries and any unsold honey.

Dismissal time for your entries and our display is from 6 PM – 9 PM on Sunday, August 8th. Entries not picked up by 9 PM Sunday, will be donated to the Medina Co. Fair Board Auction for fund raising, unless previous arrangements are made with the Medina Co. Beekeeper’s President. No exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

Location: Building 5 in the ections Medina County Fairgrounds

2014 July 28-August 1 - EAS 2014

non-MCBA event

Mon-Fri, 8:30 - 5

The Eastern Apicultural Society's annual Conference and Short Course will be hosted this year by Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY. Speakers will include

  • Dr Nicola Bradbear (Bees for Rural Development) - challenges facing nonprofits, international honey standards
  • Dr Jennifer Berry, U of Georgia - director of queen production track (Short Course)
  • Dr Diana Sammataro, USDA Tucson — pollen microscopy, labs, nutrition, and soap
  • Dr Maryann Frazier - pesticides, varroa mites, beekeeping in Kenya
  • Dr Dewey Caron - Director of Master Beekeeper exams
  • Dr Wyatt Mangum - Bee Biology, Top Bar hives
  • Dr Berry Brosi, Emory University - floral fidelity, tropical bees,
  • Dr Jeff Harris - varroa‐resistant queens
  • Don Coates - Microscopy lab coordinator
  • Dr Tom Webster and Dr. Megan Milbraith - nosema
  • Michael Palmer - director of EAS Honey Show
  • Dr Doug McRory - pesticide management
  • Dr Ernesto Guzman - mite resistance


2014 August 16 - Beginner Beekeeper Field Day 3

MCBA-sponsored event

Saturday, time to be confirmed

Details tbd. Subject to change based on weather. Please check here the morning of the event to confirm.

Location: In the MCBA beeyard

2014 August 18 - MCBA Annual Picnic and Pot Luck Dinner

MCBA-sponsored event

Monday, 5-ish until dark

According to your last name, please bring something to share:

A-I Dessert
J-R Side Dish
S-Z Salad

Meat and beverages will be provided by the club. Hope to see you there. Please RSVP by August 13 to Kathy Summers ( or 330-461-1081).

Location: tbd Buckeye Woods Park on 162

2014 September 15 - MCBA Monthly Meeting

MCBA-sponsored event

Monday, 6:30 - 9 pm

6:30 Beginners half hour - Topic tbd The Beginner half-hour is across the street from our regular meeting room.

7:00 Vaughn Bryant from Texas A&M will talk about Everything you ever wanted to know about identifying pollen in your honey

Location: In our regular meeting room at A.I. Root Co.

2014 tbd - Fall Foliage Tour

non-MCBA event

Day, time


Location: tbd

2014 October 20 - MCBA Monthly Meeting

MCBA-sponsored event

Monday, 6:30 - 9 pm

6:30 Beginners half hour - Topic tbd The Beginner half-hour is across the street from our regular meeting room.

7:00 Ed Cobey, Bee Culture Columnist, Ski Patrol and beekeeper, will talk about Gettin’ er done. Keeping bees Full Speed.

Also in October, we need nominations for the Club's officers. All officers (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer) and one of the three Directors are up for grabs. See the bylaws for a description of the duties of the respective officers. If you'd like to give back to the club, this is a great opportunity.

Location: In our regular meeting room at A.I. Root Co.

2014 October 25-26 - The Russians Are Coming

non-MCBA event

Saturday & Sunday times TBA

The Russians Are Coming to Bee Culture's Beeyard & Conference Center in Medina, Ohio - Home of the Honey Bee.

Speakers include Steven Coy (Russian Bee Breeders President), Carl Webb (GA Breeder & Commercial Beekeeper), Bob Brachmann (NY Breeder & Commercial Beekeeper), Manley Bigalk (IA Breeder & Commercial Beekeeper), Harry Fulton (MS Breeder & Commercial Beekeeper), Dan Conlon (MA Breeder & Commercial Beekeeper), Ron & Austin Smith (MS Breeders & Commercial Beekeepers), Charles Walters (WV Breeder & Commercial Beekeeper) and USDA Bee Lab representatives Dr Tom Rinderer and Lilia De Guzman

Topics include

  • Become a Russian Bee Breeder – What It Takes, Why You Should
  • Converting Your Operation To Russians
  • Northern Beekeeping With Russians
  • Non-Migratory Beekeeping With Russians
  • Introducing Russian Queens
  • Russians vs. Italian Management
  • Way More Demand Than Supply – Why?
  • Varroa Resistance is Real – The Science Behind It
  • Changing Landscapes For Bees And Why Russians Are Better
  • Outcrossed vs. Pure
  • Grooming And Hygienic Behavior

For more information including registration details, File:Russians2014.pdf.

2014 November 1 - OSBA Fall meeting

non-MCBA event

Keynote Speakers: Sue Cobey and Mike Palmer

See for details

Location: Tolles Career and Technical Center, Plain City, OH

2014 November 17 - MCBA Monthly Meeting & Honey Harvest Analysis

MCBA-sponsored event

Monday, 6:30 - 9 pm

6:30 Beginners half hour - Topic tbd The Beginner half-hour is across the street from our regular meeting room.

7:00 Beeyard Report - How did the Club's bees do this year.

Also during the November meeting,

  1. We will vote on the club's officers for the next year.
  2. We will conduct our annual Honey Harvest analysis. Bring your notes about how many hives and how much honey you pulled off in the past year. We will look for trends by area and over time. Remember that we track new and established colonies separately.

Location: In our regular meeting room at A.I. Root Co.

2014 December 15 - MCBA Holiday Party

MCBA-sponsored event

Monday, 6:30 pm

Speaker and topic tbd

Location: In our regular meeting room at A.I. Root Co.

2015 MCBA Beginner Beekeeper Class

MCBA-sponsored event

The class will cover basic honey bee biology, getting started with honey bees, all the equipment you will need, fundamental management skills, harvesting your crop and preparing for winter. Students will be advised on kinds of equipment to purchase, where to get bees and how to handle problems.

The class dates and the specific syllabus for each day has not yet been confirmed but we typically cover 15 hours of classroom instruction plus field days at the Club’s apiary.

Our lead instructor is Kim Flottum, Editor of Bee Culture magazine and author of Backyard Beekeeping and A Honey Handbook. Several members of the Medina Association will also be assisting with the classes.

Cost for the class is $<tbd> per family. In addition to the class tuition, students receive a copy of Kim's Beginner’s Book (a $30 value), a 1 year membership in the Medina County Beekeepers Association (a $20 value), and a variety of magazines and catalogs from the beekeeping industry.

Location: In our regular meeting room at A.I. Root Co.

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