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Welcome to the Medina County Beekeepers Association's website. We hope you enjoy your time here and can find what you want about bees and beekeeping.

This website is set up as a wiki so that all our members can edit and participate in the discussions. If you just want to read the site, please surf around and see what you can find. The layout of the website is a bit different from many you may have seen. There is no strict hierarchy to the pages - pages can be created wherever and whenever a user wants. The flip side is that it is really easy to cross-link pages so readers can find the content they want. Hopefully the navigation links take you quickly to the answer you need. If not, try the search engine box at left. Or if you're feeling daring, click the Random page link at left.

If you want to edit the page (and we strongly encourage everyone to participate), you will need to create an account first. We had to disable anonymous editing to keep the spammers, bots and other malicious users from abusing our site.

Creating an account

The account creation policy was changed on 03:16, 18 November 2011 (EST).

Due to a persistent vandal who was creating multiple fraudulent accounts in an attempt to hijack our website for spam, MCBA has been forced to lock down account creation. Members of MCBA, speakers, invited guests and anyone with a legitimate interest in talking about bees are still invited to participate in our wiki.

To have an account created:

  1. Email our webmaster with your real name and email address.
    • If you are not an active member of the club, please explain your connection to us.
  2. We will create an account and email you a default password (usually within a few hours).
  3. Once you get the email, click the provided link to verify your account.
  4. Change the default password.
    • Please pick a strong password. (Here are some tips about strong passwords.)
    • Save. Congratulations! Your account is active.

You may want to click the my preferences link at the top right of the screen and play around with other settings if you like but they're optional. We think the defaults are pretty good.

Creating a new page

Anyone can create new webpages on this site (once you're signed in and verified, of course). Please consider creating a beeyard report as a first page. Not only is it a great way to get a little practice with the wiki, we really want to hear how your bees are doing.

  • To create a beeyard report, log in then click here to create a page titled [[User:Yourname/Beeyard]].
  • Be sure to put [[Category:Beeyard report|Yourname]] somewhere on the page. (That's the little bit of code that will cause the page to be automatically listed with the other beeyard reports. The "Yourname" part tells the software how to alphabetize your beeyard among the list of others.)

Other ways to create a new page

  • Create a "redlink" on an existing page by adding double square brackets [[ ]] around a word. That word will become the title for your new page. Save the edit to the existing page, then click through the link and start editing.
  • Type a title in the Search box. If the search returns with "no pages found", there should be a "create this page" link in red. Click through that and start typing.

Use the regular wiki commands to format your page as you see fit. Feel free to look at other pages and copy the formats and layouts that you like best.

Some etiquette and conventions

Every page has an accompanying Discussion page where you can ask questions, suggest improvements or just test out the page.

  • When making an edit on any page, please include a short description of your change in the Summary box below the main Editing area. This summary is very helpful to future readers who are looking in the pagehistory to see what changed when.
  • When you leave a comment on a Discussion page, please sign your comment by adding four tildes (~~~~) at the end.
  • other suggestions?
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